Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September Stuff

Thanks to Hurricane Irma, the weather has been super autumn-y and wonderful, though I am totally feeling the stress and worry all those affected people are going through.

My big kids started school! Officially a 6th and 3rd grader. I'm slowly introducing Elias to preschool, but won't be starting to teach him until next year. He knows a few colors and shapes, though.

Sunday, we skipped church and went to the park near the house. The age-appropriate areas of Big Kid park and Little Kid park aren't too far away from each other. I sent Zac off with the big kids while Elias and I played on the swings. Off topic: I think it's creepy for grandpas to flirt with young moms at the playground in front of their grandchildren. After playing, we stopped by Bops for some frozen treats (and a cookie for Elias because him screaming "A GOOKIE!!!" over and over again is a treat in itself).

Monday, Zac was off for Labor Day, so we hung around at home. I pulled out most of my Halloween decor, though I haven't started decorating yet. This is the only time of year where I'm not considered crazy for having orange leaves and pumpkins scattered around the house (even at Christmas). Halloween stuff, however, is temporary.

Tuesday, I brought Zac to work and left the big kids with him so I could take Elias to the clinic. His left lymph node in his neck was super swollen for no reason. After some tests, all was clear. According to Dr. Y, he was just having a delayed reaction to his rash last week. White blood cell count was normal, so no signs of infection. We left in time to catch Zac's lunch break. I picked up my big kids, dropped Zac off, and we headed to a playground in Madison to meet up with the homeschool group. All was going well, in spite of the atrocious heat, until Leah made a decision to run up a slide and bust her lip open. Blood everywhere, abundant screaming, and we called it a day. I told Elizabeth (the homeschool "leader") we would try again next time. Oh well. Leah is fine, now. I think sweat was making the wound much more worse than it was. All teeth are in tact, no stitches, and no worries.

Tonight is the first Wednesday of the month, so the children's church group meets somewhere to socialize. We picked Sonic's this time, but I'm thinking Chik-Fil-A next time. Sonic's has too much sand. The kids love it, but I hate finding it in the car, the washing machine, the bath tub, the carpet, my bed, in the fridge (right?), and everywhere else. I decided I didn't want to live at the beach for the very same reason.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Yesterday, Elias was itching a bit on his knees and elbows, so I assumed he was bitten by a mosquito. This morning, he was itching to the point of irritating his knees, where I found small, raised bumps. I found more bumps down his legs, on his feet, and on his arms. As the day progressed, so did his itching. More rashy spots were on the palms of his hands and the back of his neck and into his hairline. I gave him an oatmeal bath, but the rash was still angry-looking. I decided to bring him to the emergency room down the street just in case.

He was given Benadryl and diagnosed with "viral exanthem"... I guess it's a contact rash? The doctors weren't sure. Anyway, he's asleep and not itching, so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

School, almost

Zac and I managed to take a walk tonight with the kids. It was going fine and we were almost home when we passed two teenagers wearing hoodies and handkerchief masks. Once they passed us from the opposite direction, they started following us down our street. We reached our driveway and they took off running down the road. Zac called the police to report the "suspicious behavior", so hopefully that stops. I, myself, am a weirdo, but I'm not that type of weirdo, nor do I like those types of weirdos acting weird near my house.

I ordered the kids' books for this upcoming year. Public school started last week, but we aren't starting until September. Ever since I read them Harry Potter, they've wanted to start September first. I'm honestly looking forward to teaching again. The big two haven't been able to play outside in months (at least, for very long) because it's basically been raining every single day. If it's not raining, it's wet. Once you think it's dry, it rains again. Plus, the backyard looks like a melting jungle. I've been working on projects for Elias to help him learn shapes and colors as well. Speaking of teaching, I'm officially the children's teacher at church on Wednesday nights. Not bad, though it's a volunteer "job" for the time being. I read Bible stories and have them color pictures and we eat pizza.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Elias is TWO!

My littlest pumpkin is a two-year-old! He's no longer a baby, but has become quite the charming toddler. 

He still doesn't talk much, though he understands plenty. He's got a sense of humor, which is great. If he doesn't want a sibling to hug him, he cries, "OW! OW! OW!" or will push them away and say, "Git!" He hates noodles and doesn't care much for sweets, though he loves Reddi-Whip and M&Ms. He climbs from his playpen now, so we've been setting up baby-gates in the doorways. Naps aren't happening as often, which is good and bad. I miss the snuggles, but like having the whole day to do things without planning around his sleep schedule. He likes Hide-and-Seek, jumping on the bed, and closing himself up in closets after waving bye-bye. He loves Hot Wheels cars and trucks. They're basically the only things he ever plays with. He likes wearing Leah's headbands and bows and walking around in everyone's shoes. He also prefers to wear socks on his hands.

So far his vocabulary words are:
Bob (what he calls James)
Ee-yah (Leah)
Rororororo (basically barking, or "dog")
Mau (like meow, or "cat")
Bye bye
Go go (car)
Awrite (alright)
Oh no
Mane mane (airplane)
Butt butt (could be butt, buckle, or belly button)
A-nana (banana)
No-tiku (no thank you)
Nuey (what we call a pacifier)
Git! (get, or get away because he's a rude little twerp)
Peesa (pizza)
Bay bay (baby)

Monday, August 7, 2017


Our Figgy died last night. I'm not even sure what to write about or why to write about it... It's been a sad day with plenty more ahead. He was such a good cat, though a typical ass at times. We've cleaned up more broken glass and cat vomit than before he joined our lives, but it's one of those things I'll actually miss, along with his little jingle-bell collar and bumping his head against my legs when I wash dishes or cook.

He tried to swallow some of my yarn. Not a first for him... last night was just different, I guess. I was in my room on the computer, the kids were playing quietly in Leah's room, and Zac was just getting in from mowing my parents' lawn. He saw puke on the floor and Fig had a long piece of yarn hanging from his mouth. Zac tried to get it and Fig became aggressive. I attempted to try to pull it out gently, but felt resistance, and he threw up some blood. Zac brought him to the emergency vet and a few hours later he called with the bad news. The vet managed to get most of the yarn out, but an x-ray showed more deeper in his gut. Parts of Fig's intestines were distended and dead. Surgery had a less-than-20% chance of doing any good and he was in pain... they had to sedate him. So... we chose the most humane thing to do. Zac buried him in the backyard this morning in the spot where I want my flower bed. We miss him so much.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Children's Church Trip

This weekend has been so much fun! I've had our clothes packed about a week prior to our trip. Thanks to Pinterest, I discovered rolling clothes saves more space than folding, so I managed to fit our family-of-five into one large suit case, including toiletries and diapers. Isn't that instane???

Wednesday night, after Zac got off work, I left him with the boys and brought Leah with me to drop off our pets at my parents' house. We went to bed early and woke up early, getting to the church at 7am. I had spent most of the week practicing getting up early as I'm anything but an early bird. I have no desire to catch the worm. I'm proud to say that our family had the most members with the least amount of luggage. High-five to self, noted for the next trip. Mo' luggage, mo' problems.

I had planned to crochet on the bus, but realized that after switching tote bags, I forgot to grab my hook and scissors from the pocket of my first choice. I ended up playing on my phone and napping until we arrived in Alabama.

We took a small break at the Alabama state line before continuing on another few hours to get to Birmingham, AL. We arrived at the Southern Museum of Flight and had lunch under the shade of a Naval aircraft before going inside the museum to look around. Elias really loved the "main mains". I think Dad would've enjoyed it as well. Maybe one day. I spent much of the time with the kids in the activity room. They built planes with blocks and climbed inside a small radio tower. Zac wandered around by himself looking at all the displays.

Onward to the hotel in Atlanta, GA. I was surprised to find Bath & Body Works products, as usually there are only hotel-brand shampoos and soaps. Luxurious!

We went to Steak 'n Shake for dinner. Zac and I have never been, though there's one being built near our house. It was better than Backyard Burgers. Zac even walked over to JoAnn's next door to pick up a crochet hook for me.

We ended the day with a swim in the pool. Note: I feel a bit guilty/awkward that my kids needed floaties, but as a parent, sometimes you postpone certain lessons (like swimming because we never go swimming) and before you know it, eleven years go by and your kids still haven't had swimming lessons because "there's always next year".

* * * * *

Friday morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel. Waking up early really wasn't too difficult, especially as there was a squirming toddler between Zac and me. I saturated the kids with sunscreen, we loaded onto the bus, then headed for Six Flags Over Georgia. Except, after getting onto the Interstate, Zac realized we left our tickets in our hotel room... So the bus turned around and set us back ten minutes. No big deal, though. We still made it and met up with the rest of our group. My only complaint was the excessive heat. It felt like Louisiana heat. However, I'm so glad none of us were sunburned. We had a really fun time and even met Bugs Bunny.

We went straight to Five Guys for dinner, followed by a long, hot shower while Zac brought the kids to the pool.

* * * * *

Saturday morning, we ate hotel breakfast in our room before heading out to the World of Coka-Cola museum. The kids were worn out from Six Flags, but made it all day, thanks to the free samples of so many soda flavors. The museum was fascinating. I was reminded of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory a bit.

This looks too much like Zac and me.

We walked to the Georgia Aquarium from the Cola museum. We watched a few dolphins perform, and were able to see beluga whales and whale sharks up close! It was awesome.

We were going to go to a mall for dinner, but everyone was so exhausted. Instead, we came back to the hotel and Zac walked with the kids across the street to Chik Fil A. I got all of our things re-packed and cleaned up the hotel room a bit while I was alone. Zac brought the big kids to the pool for one last swim while I spent some quality time with the littlest.

* * * * *

Sunday morning, Zac went downstairs to grab some breakfast for us while I gathered all our things. We were one of the first ones downstairs (finally). Our family has been late getting to the bus, thanks to long lines at registers. Everything was loaded up and we headed out. We were going to stop at a mall for lunch, but malls don't open until noon on Sundays, so we stopped at Dreamland Bar-B-Que in Alabama for lunch. The kids don't usually like ribs, but they ate more than I did.

One last stop at the Mississippi line rest station and we made it home. I got all our things unpacked and washed, Zac picked up our pets, and it felt nice to sleep in our own bed... even though Elias woke up at 2:30 this morning and had to get in bed with me. I did wake up early enough to take Zac to work this morning. Even the kids were up and ready to go by 7. I've still got to get out to the store before I pick him up later. I did NOT miss the rain. It's been raining all day!