Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Week In November

Zac and I stayed in Covington most of the week, but I just haven't posted in a while. We were able to visit most of Zac's family and see our friends so it's been a pretty great visit.
  • Monday, we brought the kids to the Disney Store in Metairie. Leah was trying to convince us that she needed a four-foot Mickey Mouse. We let them ride the Christmas train in the middle of the mall before heading over to Jessie and Joey's. Jessie gave me some rainbow yarn and a pair of shoes and a whole pumpkin pie she made. I've never had pumpkin pie before, so I'm in for something new. We went back to Sean's and then we, along with Fallyn and Kallan, went to Outback for Zac's birthday. The kids helped sing "Happy Birthday" with the waiters to a lady at a table next to us, so our waiter brought them each a bowl of free ice cream.

  • Tuesday, we didn't do too much. Zac bought new tires for the Blazer and I just hung out on Sean's balcony with the kids. Sean cooked Bananas Foster, which was awesome, but I think Zac poured too much rum in my egg nog. I think I got drunk from the fumes. We watched Zookeeper, but it wasn't as funny as I expected. 
  • Wednesday, we went to Mawmaw's to visit and let the kids play with Francesca.
  • Thursday, we packed up our stuff and met up with Zac's older brother, Breck, at Breck's in-laws' house. We drank champagne and I met a lot of Zac's extended family. Breck and his wife, Rachel, are from Wisconsin. They took a train from there to Louisiana! After leaving Breck, we went to Mawmaw's for dinner, then to Zac's Aunt Karen's house. Karen is the one who gave us our Toby, so Toby was able to play with his mom and sister, Lily.
  • Friday, I worked the afternoon shift at B&BW to avoid the rush, but it was still so busy. I ended up staying until 2:30am because one of my co-workers has OCD and needed to deep-clean the entire store.
  • Saturday, I worked 4-8. Brittany let me leave a little early since we were slow. Mom invited Carlton and Rachel and their kids over for Thanksgiving dinner, which was "interesting". Jordan climbed on the counter and broke a glass dish, then Leah stepped on a shard of glass and tracked blood everywhere.
  • Today is Sunday, the worst day. Abbi spent the night here at Mom's and decided to come into my bedroom to jump on my bed and yell "Rise and shine!" over and over before putting Toby on our bed (something we never do). Mom insisted I help her decorate for Christmas while criticizing me the entire time. Awesome.
Needless to say, I'm sick of the holidays and am looking forward to the day we move back out.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Zac and I went to Outback with Emily and Alex for my birthday. I ordered a gingerbread martini and it was probably the best thing I've ever tasted. EVER.

James had a parent-teacher meeting at school and it went well. Mr. S said he's one of the top students in class! He said James is "very intelligent, always thinking, honest, helpful and artistic." I'm so proud of him! He had his first powwow and came home dressed as an Indian. He made the costume and the instruments himself.

Zac and I went to Target to buy some do-it-yourself stockings. They were so fun to put together! I like seeing the kids get creative.