Sunday, April 28, 2013

Crochet Addict

I'm so obsessed with yarn as of lately. I've been crocheting things all week! I spent today rolling all of my yarn into little "cakes" with my yarn ball winder from KnitPicks. It's amazing. Unfortunately, all the crocheting as caused calluses to form on most of my fingertips, so I'm unable to play my ukulele for a while. It's also a little painful to type, so this entry will be short.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Playground and Personalities

I've been planning ideas for the kids' birthday party coming up. Originally, they wanted a "poo party", complete with chocolate cupcakes with goo in the middle and lemonade. I'm reluctant to go that direction, but we'll see.

Zac and I went for a bike ride, pulling the kids in the trailer, to a nearby neighborhood playground.

It's so crazy how opposite these kids are. Leah kept changing her clothes, yelling, "Almost!" before we could leave, while James was completely dressed and patiently sitting on the sofa. I love the opposites, though. They each have their own individual personalities and favorite things.

Leah has become so feminine. She makes sure her clothes match and still walks around on her tiptoes. She's obsessed with headbands and loves her chapstick. She refuses to wear a ponytail, because wind blowing through her hair confirms she is, in fact, a princess. She's affectionate and thoughtful. Her most recent thing is to call me "Mother" instead of Mama. She'll laugh at silly faces and fart noises, but will scream like a banshee if she gets a scrape or sees her own blood. She's dainty and fierce and wants more than anything to be a dinosaur when she grows up.

James is complete boy, through and through. He collects rocks and loves all sorts of bugs, he can figure out a video game so fast and loves to draw his favorite characters. He's stubborn, opinionated and loves to argue, which makes me think he might become a lawyer one day. He's brave and compassionate and quick to apologize if he hurts someone's feelings. He'll embarrass easily, especially when Mama hums a theme song from one of his favorite shows. He's protective of Leah and keeps her included in his imagination. Just last night, he had to make one last trip to the bathroom. He climbed from his top bunk, brought Leah's blanket to her chin and gave her a kiss on the forehead, then went to the bathroom. He's been reading at night, ever since I let him have my book light. One day, he hopes to design video games and I'm pretty sure he can do it. He's a mama's boy and proud of it. If he treats his future wife anything like he treats me, she'll be the luckiest girl in the world.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Egg-hunting in the rain gave each of the kids a cold. It started as allergies, but escalated to grouchy, lethargic, coughing, sneezing, sleepless children and eventually, husband. I sent them away so I could snuggle with some baby walruses.

They are feeling much better today, finally. 

I've been cooped up most of the week, so I've been focusing on drawing and learning a few songs on my ukulele. I've even made a few crochet projects in amigurumi because the kids have been asking for impossible-to-find toys. Example: Powerpuff Girls. I created a version of Blossom, but I don't like the final results. There's much tweaking to do to get her right, so I'm going to make another one eventually. Katie said to try selling things on Etsy, but I'm not that good. I'm going to get ideas and see what happens and then I'll consider Etsy.