Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013: La

Easter was spent at Mawmaw's. Marie and Francesca brought candy baskets and bug nets for my kiddos. We ate lunch and visited with the family; the kids dyed so many eggs! It was about to rain, so I kinda tossed the eggs around the yard instead of trying to hide them. Finding them was quick. We played Bunny Bingo with Mawmaw until the kids were on the brink of spontaneous sugar-induced combustion, then headed home.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter 2013: Ms

This morning was interesting. The kids woke up before Zac and me and went into my parents' room. Dad brought them and Abbi to the downstairs lobby for breakfast while we (and Mom) slept. After a little while, both of my kids were knocking on our door to get in. ALONE. I had a tiny panic-attack, but Dad said he told them to wait for him while he threw their plates away and they sneaked away up the stairs. The proved themselves not to be trusted and I gave them the "stranger danger" speech. I flipped the latch on the upper part of the door to prevent them from leaving our room, telling them to stay in my parents' room until Zac and I came back from breakfast. When we came back up, the door connecting our two rooms was shut and there was no doorknob between the doors and I forgot I had latched the upper bolt. We were unable to get into our room, so we had to call a maintenance man to use a crafty little device to flip the latch. Dad was super impressed.

We made it to Aunt Trish's house this afternoon. She has a gorgeous house with a huge backyard, surrounded by trees. The kids ran around the yard, I hung out with my all-grown-up cousins, Christina and Anna, and visited with Emily and Alex. The kids hunted eggs until it started raining, so Zac and I told everyone goodbye and we headed home.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Family Visits

Mom invited us to a family gathering in Mississippi over the weekend at my Aunt Trish's house. She rented us a hotel room in Meridian. Mom, Dad and Abbi are sharing an adjoining room to Zac's and mine. We tried to leave early this morning to we could visit Granny before checking into our hotel, but our morning didn't go as planned. I forgot I silenced my phone while playing Bingo and tucked it under my pillow for the night, so I didn't hear my alarm buzzing. I did, however, wake up to James telling me the floor outside my bedroom was wet. Toby had peed in the hallway, which James and Leah both stepped in and tracked yucky little footprints all over the house. I washed their feet in the bathroom sink while Zac cleaned the carpets and floor with hand-sanitizer because (naturally) we are completely out of disinfectant spray! I wasn't home until after midnight from working last night, so I went to bed instead of packing, thinking I'd be up early and have plenty of time.

We finally left our apartment around noon and drove to Granny's. The visit was brief since our check-in was at 3pm and we were creeping up on 2:30. Did I mention our GPS got us lost?

Zac picked up lunch and we spent a few hours swimming in the heated indoor pool and even relaxed in the jacuzzi until dinner. Mom took us out to Sake Sushi for dinner. James and Leah love hibachi, probably more than pizza. They were so good and nobody lost any eyebrows from the flames.


Thursday, March 21, 2013


So I was complaining the other day about the craziness of the kids. James came into my bedroom this morning and woke me up by moving my hair from my forehead. I kept my eyes closed to see if  he thought I was still sleeping, but he whispered, "Stay in bed, Mom. I'm gonna make you breakfast." And he did! He poured me a bowl of cereal with milk, all by himself, and brought me two cookies on a little plate. Of course, I got all weepy. I told him to wait so I could take his picture and remember today. He made such an effort to be a sweetheart today so I would be "so proud" of him. I totally am.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Weather Temperatures

The weather has been driving me crazy! One day it's hot, the next it's cold. I'm so ready for winter to be over. I want to enjoy the pool and wear sandals and eat snowballs. But once summer comes, watch me wish for fall.

Our balcony has been pressure-washed, so the kiddos played with some chalk and drew pictures all over. I didn't consider chalky footprints (and paw prints) scattered through the house, though.

We visited Kyle at Josh and Erika's over the weekend. The guys played music while Erika and I chatted about pets and food and babies.

I worked a floorset Sunday night. I'm only scheduled for floorsets right now, so I can't cover anyone's call-in shifts. Zac found a job listing for a cookie-decorating job on Craigslist, so I emailed the manager and she gave me an interview. I think it's promising, but the job doesn't start until May. Stacey (the manager) is supposed to call me this weekend to let me know if I've got the job or not. I wouldn't mind decorating cookies... It sounds like it could be fun.

The kiddos have been super crazy this week. Lots of sass, but lots of sweet. I've been trying to encourage them to draw and work puzzles with me, but they'll fight over the only black crayon or who gets to put the last piece of the puzzle into place. I think they're bored. Pinterest is full of things, so I'm gonna spice things up.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Childhood Memories

Zac and I drove to his dad's house so I could go through some childhood belongings I left there. Most items were covered in rodent mess, so it's garbage, but I managed to salvage a few stuffed animals and some dolls. It was weird seeing things I had forgotten about, like my box of Backstreet Boy memorabilia... Zac thinks it's terrible, but he was never a teenage girl. It was just weird seeing the shirts and pins and VHS tapes of concerts and recorded videos from MTV. I brought home my complete set of Kids Meal toys from Burger King and washed them off. I remembered Dad stopping by Burger King on his way home from work multiple times a week to check and see which ones were available. Other times, we'd drive to the different Burger Kings in the area, checking each one for a certain Boy. He even waited outside a Ticketmaster in a sleeping bag so he could purchase concert tickets for me and some friends. My dad's pretty awesome.

Jena and Quinn stopped by to hang out. We played a long, excruciating game of Uno and ate some of Zac's most delicious homemade French bread pizza. It felt like old times when we lived at our other apartment and they came over on the weekends to play Clue.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ups and Downs

Sean brought his steam-cleaner over and cleaned our carpets for us. The texture is much better, but the carpet in my bedroom still has a strange odor, like a wet dog. Febreeze is only a temporary fix, so I'm going to have to buy some wallflower bulbs from B&BW to hide the smell.

I've unpacked a lot more this week. Most of my boxes have been consolidated and everything is organized. I'm doing Pilates again. I was making progress before I stopped and I need to get back into it. There are always 10 minutes in a day that can be used for working out. My scale has been hurting my feelings, probably deliberately.

Zac's hours are getting cut from 40 to 20, so that's a real glass-half-empty deal. I didn't get the sales lead position at B&BW in Slidell because I don't have any management experience. I'm still able to transfer to Slidell, but I can only help with floorsets until something else opens up. Basically, I'm driving 30 minutes out of town so I can work four hours and then drive 30 minutes back home. It's not worth it, but I don't want to leave the company. The Mandeville store said to call back in April, but April is a little too far away for us right now.