Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Yesterday, Elias was itching a bit on his knees and elbows, so I assumed he was bitten by a mosquito. This morning, he was itching to the point of irritating his knees, where I found small, raised bumps. I found more bumps down his legs, on his feet, and on his arms. As the day progressed, so did his itching. More rashy spots were on the palms of his hands and the back of his neck and into his hairline. I gave him an oatmeal bath, but the rash was still angry-looking. I decided to bring him to the emergency room down the street just in case.

He was given Benadryl and diagnosed with "viral exanthem"... I guess it's a contact rash? The doctors weren't sure. Anyway, he's asleep and not itching, so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

School, almost

Zac and I managed to take a walk tonight with the kids. It was going fine and we were almost home when we passed two teenagers wearing hoodies and handkerchief masks. Once they passed us from the opposite direction, they started following us down our street. We reached our driveway and they took off running down the road. Zac called the police to report the "suspicious behavior", so hopefully that stops. I, myself, am a weirdo, but I'm not that type of weirdo, nor do I like those types of weirdos acting weird near my house.

I ordered the kids' books for this upcoming year. Public school started last week, but we aren't starting until September. Ever since I read them Harry Potter, they've wanted to start September first. I'm honestly looking forward to teaching again. The big two haven't been able to play outside in months (at least, for very long) because it's basically been raining every single day. If it's not raining, it's wet. Once you think it's dry, it rains again. Plus, the backyard looks like a melting jungle. I've been working on projects for Elias to help him learn shapes and colors as well. Speaking of teaching, I'm officially the children's teacher at church on Wednesday nights. Not bad, though it's a volunteer "job" for the time being. I read Bible stories and have them color pictures and we eat pizza.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Elias is TWO!

My littlest pumpkin is a two-year-old! He's no longer a baby, but has become quite the charming toddler. 

He still doesn't talk much, though he understands plenty. He's got a sense of humor, which is great. If he doesn't want a sibling to hug him, he cries, "OW! OW! OW!" or will push them away and say, "Git!" He hates noodles and doesn't care much for sweets, though he loves Reddi-Whip and M&Ms. He climbs from his playpen now, so we've been setting up baby-gates in the doorways. Naps aren't happening as often, which is good and bad. I miss the snuggles, but like having the whole day to do things without planning around his sleep schedule. He likes Hide-and-Seek, jumping on the bed, and closing himself up in closets after waving bye-bye. He loves Hot Wheels cars and trucks. They're basically the only things he ever plays with. He likes wearing Leah's headbands and bows and walking around in everyone's shoes. He also prefers to wear socks on his hands.

So far his vocabulary words are:
Bob (what he calls James)
Ee-yah (Leah)
Rororororo (basically barking, or "dog")
Mau (like meow, or "cat")
Bye bye
Go go (car)
Awrite (alright)
Oh no
Mane mane (airplane)
Butt butt (could be butt, buckle, or belly button)
A-nana (banana)
No-tiku (no thank you)
Nuey (what we call a pacifier)
Git! (get, or get away because he's a rude little twerp)
Peesa (pizza)
Bay bay (baby)

Monday, August 7, 2017


Our Figgy died last night. I'm not even sure what to write about or why to write about it... It's been a sad day with plenty more ahead. He was such a good cat, though a typical ass at times. We've cleaned up more broken glass and cat vomit than before he joined our lives, but it's one of those things I'll actually miss, along with his little jingle-bell collar and bumping his head against my legs when I wash dishes or cook.

He tried to swallow some of my yarn. Not a first for him... last night was just different, I guess. I was in my room on the computer, the kids were playing quietly in Leah's room, and Zac was just getting in from mowing my parents' lawn. He saw puke on the floor and Fig had a long piece of yarn hanging from his mouth. Zac tried to get it and Fig became aggressive. I attempted to try to pull it out gently, but felt resistance, and he threw up some blood. Zac brought him to the emergency vet and a few hours later he called with the bad news. The vet managed to get most of the yarn out, but an x-ray showed more deeper in his gut. Parts of Fig's intestines were distended and dead. Surgery had a less-than-20% chance of doing any good and he was in pain... they had to sedate him. So... we chose the most humane thing to do. Zac buried him in the backyard this morning in the spot where I want my flower bed. We miss him so much.